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La Panthere: The Iconic and Exotic Symbol of Cartier

The panther is a sleek, majestic and powerful beast and it is no surprise that in French, the noun panther has a feminine gender. There is something undoubtedly seductive and dangerous in how this big cat gracefully slinks through the jungle, yet at a moment’s notice can turn into a ferocious and deadly creature. Perhaps an apt metaphor for women, Cartier has adopted the regal panther as a symbol. The panther recurs in a variety of forms and designs at the elegant Maison de Cartier.

The first time the panther motif appeared in Cartier’s history was in 1914, when the panther’s speckled fur served as inspiration for the bracelet of a watch. The cat’s pattern of white and black spots was replicated by diamond and onyx stones carefully arranged to match the organic configuration of the panther’s coat. The panther truly became ingrained in the ethos of Cartier’s style thanks to influential jewelry designer Jeanne Toussaint, herself nicknamed “la panthère” due to the plethora of animal skins that decorated her Paris apartment.

Toussaint consistently called upon the emblematic motif of the panther in her designs for Cartier. The panther represented the indomitable spirit of the brand and served as a talisman for the women who chose to proudly wear such a fierce feline. Cartier’s most well-known panther creation is the sumptuous bracelet beloved by the timelessly chic Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor. This stunning and incredible bracelet is of flexible construction; the panther’s body wraps sinuously around the wrist with head and outstretched front paw gracefully meeting the tail. The panther’s signature spotting is created through inlaid alternating onyx and diamonds with two marquise-cut emeralds as the animal’s piercing eyes. The bracelet was sold at Sotheby’s, London back in 2010 for a record-breaking £4.5 million, with Madonna as the rumored buyer.

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La Panthere: The Iconic and Exotic Symbol of Cartier

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