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Demystifying the After-Market Rolex

The differences between after-market and genuine Rolex watches may seem confusing to the everyday retail customer, however they are technically well-defined within watch collecting community. An after-market alteration or model is described as any changes or services made to a Rolex that are not attributed to an authorized Rolex dealer.

For example, if your watch’s crystal is damaged and you have it replaced by an approved Rolex dealer, the watch will remain genuine. If, however, you brought the watch to any typical watch repair shop, the new crystal would not be Rolex certified, and the watch as a whole would be considered after-market.

Aesthetic customizations, like changing the dial color or adding a diamond bezel to the watch, are almost always after-market because official Rolex dealers will not make alterations to watches that are not part of their original design. This most often and unfortunately can negatively impact the value of the timepiece.

Customizing your Rolex or purchasing a preowned model with an after-market design comes with disadvantages and benefits, both of which are important to consider. With customization, you have the ability to make your watch exactly to your specifications, and even one-of-a-kind. Also, by customizing, many customers are able to create the watch they want without having to purchase a significantly more expensive Rolex with similar details – like a diamond dial or band, for instance. Those who prefer the diamond-studded are able to achieve similar look for less.

There are drawbacks to Rolex customization of which all buyers should be aware. Any after-market changes made to watch will essentially void the Rolex warranty. In addition, if you intend to resell the watch, whether you bought it new and customized it yourself or bought it pre-owned, the value of the watch will generally decline due to the obsolete warranty and after-market modifications.

The Loan officers at Jewelry-N-Loan are specialists and experts in their field. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or loan against a genuine or aftermarket luxury watch, from Rolex, Cartier or Patek Philippe, our friendly and professional staff is available to assist and educate you through the process. Should you be interested in learning more, please call 949-645-0488 or email info@jewelrynloan.com.

What is an After-Market Rolex?
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What is an After-Market Rolex?
An after-market alteration or model is described as any changes or services made to a Rolex that are not attributed to an authorized Rolex dealer.
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